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Matching top talents to great organizations

At ZorTech, we are more than just an IT services and recruiting company; we are a beacon of excellence, innovation, and collaboration in the ever-evolving world of technology. Founded on the principle that success stems from the right combination of talent, expertise, and vision, we have been at the forefront of empowering businesses and professionals to thrive in the digital age.

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Our Difference

At ZorTech, our recruitment process is finely tuned for precision and efficiency, ensuring the swift and effective connection of skilled talent with exceptional companies. With our vast network of top-tier professionals and well-established industry relationships, we consistently excel in finding the ideal fit.

Changing the Standards

Enjoy a tailored experience.

We place special emphasis on ensuring the perfect alignment between the candidate and the company, fostering mutual success.

Sourcing Top Talent

Our meticulous recruitment procedure guarantees our ability to confidently identify excellent matches for our clients throughout Canada & USA

Credibility Where it Matters

ZorTech's hyper-specialized teams operating in crucial markets and technology domains offer an in-depth comprehension of every facet within the recruitment technology sector.

Dedication & Passion

For ZorTech, technology transcends mere recruitment; it's a genuine passion. Our profound dedication to this industry and the dynamic tech communities we serve underscores our commitment to excellence.


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Our Services

Find Talent to get more done

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can extend your team's capabilities while maintaining operational efficiency. 

Access to Zortech's 140,000 Candidate Database

Quickly match with the right talent for your requirements

Eliminate in-house hiring and overhead expenses.

Technology Enablement

Our IT Services allow you to onboard a team of experienced professionals to help you create and service projects.

End to end delivery of Custom Software Developments

Stepping in to help your project deliver in a timely manner

Enhance your business with technology implementation

At Work

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